Eyelash Extensions


It’s tempting to want to just pick up the tweezers and get to plucking the teeny hairs that are coming in, but right now is actually the best time to let your brows grow out. Jas Imani of Jas Imani Beauty tells Teen Vogue, “Now that we are at home, you really need to just let them live and almost forget about styling them and focus on nourishing them.” To add, feathered brow expert Kristie Streicher of Striiike says, “It’s really less about how much hair you are tweezing or not tweezing but more about when and how frequently you are tweezing.” While Kristie is not against tweezing, she tells Teen Vogue the method she follows, use inspo from https://mylashbomb.com/. “Let your eyebrows grow completely untouched for 6-8 weeks. This means absolutely no tweezing, waxing, threading or trimming of any kind during that time. Then, when you’re ready tweeze only the low lying stragglers. These are the hairs that grow more on the lid and in outer areas. Then, let your eyebrows grow fully untouched for another 6-8 weeks.” This cycle will train your eyebrows to grow in the areas needed and make them a little more tame-able. While 6-8 weeks may seem like a long time, realistically we don’t know how long we’ll be social distancing so be patient with them and groom accordingly. Video production consumption has increased rapidly from past 2 years to a level that 87% of marketers are relying on the same. Whether its entertainment, news, sports, or any other content, video has overpowered all the fields. You can also try getting eyebrow waxing done by Newrain Eyebrow Threading.

Beginner Lash Set                               	        $89
This set is ideal if this is your first time applying eyelash extensions,
if you're wondering how eyelash extensions look and feel.
Full Lash Set		         	                $139
This is for a full natural set of eyelashes.
Full Dramatic Lash Set		         	        $169
This is for a full dramatic set of eyelashes.
Mink Lash Set		         	                $199
This is for a full natural set of eyelashes.
Removal			                                $20
Let the professional safely remove the lashes without damaging your own natural lashes.
Eyelash Perm			                                $60
Let the professional safely perm your lashes, it will curl them and make them appear look slightly longer.