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Welcome to Royal Hair Extensions
We are proud to bring our quality work and products to the market with cutting-edge technologies in the hair science. Outstanding selections and affordable prices are the cornerstone of Royal Hair Extensions.

Our well-conceived methods and professional staff are what makes Royal Hair Extensions the world’s foremost authority on hair extensions and hair replacement for women.


Enjoy our service at a private room so you can feel comfortable while applying your hair extensions.

We use only the finest, 100% natural human hair and are certified in every method of hair extensions that will suite your needs.


We perform over 100 methods of applications and all hair is in stock for same day application.


We are the one and only exclusive hair extensions salon to carry the new method of Micro Strands andMicro Weft applied with the nano links. It is a cold system that requires no glue, no braiding or heat. Made with 100% Natural European Hair.


The methods are currently performed in France and only the elite have been taking advantage of the 2 new great systems.



Micro strands “the world’s smallest nano links in the world! The links are so small that are almost invisible and blend with your hair, the hair is reusable for one year.


Micro Strands is the ideal method for women who suffer from thin fragile hair. Please read more in our methods section.


Micro Weft “the world’s thinnest and made weft system” applied with no braid or glue, the weft is attached to the hair line and is invisible, ideal for women who suffer from thin fragile hair; it is also great for fullness and length. Please read more in our methods section.


We carry the largest selection of hair extensions brands in every texture and length up to 30” inches long.






Most salons will provide you with a fee over the phone but when you actually go for your free consultation price instantly doubles!

This is why we came with our No Hidden Fee Policy, you will be provided a price and this is the price you will pay. We carry so many brands of hair extensions to suite every budget. You will be able to choose what you want to pay rather than what a salon would charge you.

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Royal Hair Extensions NY

We’re proud to bring quality work and products to the market with cutting-edge technologies in hair science. Outstanding selections and affordable prices are the cornerstone of Royal Hair Extensions.

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Bring a Friend and You Both Save $100!!



Share our personalized hair extension experience with a friend, and you’ll each save $100! Sit together and chat in one of our suites, and you’ll both get gorgeous hair and $100 off. Book your appointment to reserve your room today! Video production consumption has increased rapidly from past 2 years to a level that 87% of marketers are relying on the same. Whether its entertainment, news, sports, or any other content, video has overpowered all the fields.





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Monthly Offers

Virgin Brazilian Hair Wefts


Price: $499
Included in the special 2 full wefts of hair including application.
This offer is good while supplies last!
Special is only available on Monday & Tuesday

About the Hair

Virgin Brazilian Hair: This hair has not been processed or altered in any way. The hair has a natural wave and comes in virgin dark colors only. The hair has been carefully selected from woman under the age of 30 so we guarantee no grey hair. The hair has never been colored or chemically treated. Length: 16″-18″ Long (longer length available for extra charge)
Remy Micro Hair Wefts


Price $250
Included in the special is 1 weft including application.
This offer is good while supplies last!
Special is available all week

About the Hair

We are the first salon in the city to offer this special service, the micro wefts are hand made by hand tieing the hair and creating a weft. The wefts are so thin that they will not be visible in your hair. No braid or glue is used with this method, this method is considered to be the least damaging method. It is ideal for thin fragile hair. Length: 20″ long Origin of the hair: 100% Remy European Hair (from Russia)
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